Grandpa Joe

My grandfather Joseph Sapp was never a stranger to hard work. He grew up in the early 1900’s an orphan and worked on a dairy farm. This taught him discipline and the importance of working hard. One of his favorite luxuries as a child was ice cream. Except he was never satisfied with just 1 flavor. A creative at heart, Joe wanted multiple flavors, but no ice cream shop was doing anything like that. Grandpa Joe was an entertainer and an out of the box thinker. In 1926 while working as a Buick mechanic by day, he started The Original Rainbow Cone with his wife Kathrine. The Rainbow Cone saw many variations of flavors but together they nailed down the flavors that it is today: Chocolate, Strawberry, Palmer House, Pistachio & Orange Sherbet. Little did they know that when they stacked those 5 flavors in that order on top of a cake cone they created something huge!


Original Location

Grandpa Joe always thought BIG! So after a few years he purchased a larger building on 92nd and Western, where the Original Rainbow Cone still stands today. Around this time the radio was becoming popular and more available to the public. Joe thought another step ahead and designed a short-wave radio that he put right on the side of the building. He purchased picnic benches and The Original Rainbow Cone became a gathering for good times, information on the world, and the most unique ice cream cone that anyone had ever seen.


The Original Rainbow Cone ®

The business was passed down to my father and then eventually passed down to me. Today we serve the same rainbow cone that my grandfather did in 1926. So stop by for a cone, a cup, or even a cake with our signature rainbow cone flavors!