​Rainbow Cone has several options for catering, and delivery is available (cost of delivery dependent on location; call or email for details). Please schedule deliveries 2 weeks ahead to ensure prompt delivery and service. Utensils and napkins available upon request.

Taster Cup

These 4-ounce cups are easy to pack up and take to birthday parties or soccer games.  $2.99

Small/Large Rainbows in Bowls

Small or Large Rainbows in bowls look good and provide a drip-free option for fancy occasions like weddings.

Small Bowl    $4.39
Large Bowl    $5.49

Small/Large Rainbow Cones Wrapped

If you want provide your  guests with the authentic Rainbow experience, opt for Small or Large Rainbows wrapped. The cones are wrapped in wax paper and plastic wrap so caterers can simply hand them out and guests can enjoy!

Small     $4.39
Large     $5.49

Cart Service

For parties of greater than 200 people, we can bring our coolers out and scoop for your guests! The cost of service is $35/person/hour (typically 3) from leaving the store to returning, plus cost of product and incidentals (like downtown parking).

Small    $4.39
Large    $5.49